Haider Development Corporation
Our Strategic Partners are some of the most experienced firms within their area of expertise. The critical aspect of any firm providing services in the real estate industry is the hands-on knowledge, educational qualifications and experience of its principals. Because of the labor intensive nature of our business significant work is performed by employees in teams and studios managed by the firm’s principals. Having a strong middle and lower level staff who are not only technically qualified but actually have years of working experience on multiple projects in the same industry is the key to having a successful development team.

The principals and the second/third tiers of employees at the Strategic Partner firms have hundreds of years of combined experience on projects around the world. Their experiences and attention to detail is what keep projects within budget and on schedule.

Our chosen methodology of having Strategic Partners who are the proven experts in their field allows efficient teamwork within the development team, consultants and advisors and sharing of knowledge, resources and extensive professional experiences with one another to the benefit of the project.